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Our team is driven by common human and professional values. We are dedicated to putting them into practice for each of our assignments, whether it be with our clients or our candidates.





Our success stories

Performance Director


After a 6 year career in consulting, I was targeting a very specific type of job, company and sector. Now I realize that I was clearly looking for a rare bird. Though, the day after our discussion, Pascal identified my dream position at IDEX as Performance Director. Thanks to his great relationship with the top management, Pascal drove me along the 3-month recruiting process in a proactive and pertinent way. I’ll definitely work again with NC Partners, either as a candidate or as a recruiter!

André Chausseray

Strategy and Innovation Director


I asked NC Partners to help me with the recruitment of 2 consultants for the Strategy & Innovation Management department at FDJ Group. I have also been “hunted” by Pascal, that’s how I got hired at FDJ in 2007. So, I had the opportunity to live the NC Partners experience from the candidate side. At that time, I loved the support the agency had brought me along the whole process: position briefing, advice before the interview, debriefing post-interview, celebration lunch, calls after I got hired to check how everything was going. Pascal has been really supportive during and after the hiring process! So, I naturally asked NC Partners for help end of 2020, this time as an employer. To sum-up my opinion of NC Partners: listening skills / transparency / trust.

Raphaël Chuet

Chief of Staff

Efi Automotive

I am very grateful that NC Partners reached out to me for the position of Chief of Staff at Efi automotive, a manufacturing company based near Lyon. I appreciated the agency's personalized approach, ensuring that the candidates actually fit with the company’s culture and the targeted position. Nathalie is more than a simple recruiter; she is a true partner, including during the trial period.

Bruno Ducuing

Project Manager

Strategy Direction at Saur

I was contacted by NC Partners to join the Strategy Direction at Saur Group. The process turned out to be particularly fast, responsive and personalized, which I very much appreciated.

Edmée Cuisinier

Mission Leader

Transformation Management Elsan

I enjoyed how Nathalie helped me along as she really took time to understand my motivations and what I was interested in; not only regarding the position I wanted after being a consultant but also about the company’s culture. She was very precise about the job description and the team’s expectations. After 3 months in the company, I can acknowledge that she really knows her clients very well, and I’m happy with the support she offered me which lasted several weeks after I was hired.

Ghida Fakhouri

Consultant Manager

Interne BNPP CIB

I had the chance to benefit from NC Partners’ support when I decided to move from a strategy consulting firm to an internal consulting unit. I truly enjoyed the team’s professionalism and the attention they put into analyzing upfront the match between expectations and values. This customized approach enabled me to go through the recruitment process flawlessly. NC Partners’ amazing knowledge of the Strategy Consulting area and the trustful relationship they build with clients and candidates really makes the difference.

Damien Johner

Factory Director

Yéo Frais

NC Partners contacted me for a Factory Director position and immediately caught my attention. The key elements of this adventure: seamless conversations, a human-centric relationship, and professionalism. There is nothing more valuable than being in front of one’s future employer without having any doubt about the job position and the job environment. Trust inspires success, this expression here takes on its full meaning.

Patrice Campourcy