About us

Mutual Trust

NC Partners is above all a story of trust, a professional relationship that we have nurtured for more than 10 years with our clients and our candidates. A commitment of which we are proud and which places people at the very heart of our vision.

Created in 2009, our agency was born out of the encounter between Nathalie Nahon and Pascal Colson. Two complementary personalities who join forces and ambitions to define their own vision of consulting and recruitment.

Nathalie is a discerning and intuitive headhunter. Pascal is pragmatic and visionary. Together they bring a relentless positive dynamic to the agency.

Our team

Nathalie Nahon

Her first hiring challenges and successful team transfers confirmed her career choices!

Nathalie is intuitive and has impressive listening skills. She has always known that human resources were her vocation. After completing her studies, she naturally began her career in headhunting. Her first hiring challenges and successful team transfers confirmed her career choices!

Together with Pascal, she decided with the same spontaneity to become an entrepreneur by creating NC Partners in 2009.

Nathalie shares her life between Paris, Toulouse & Bordeaux. She feels good everywhere and has never felt the need to choose where to base herself. After all, why chose when you don’t have to!

Pascal Colson

He started working as a headhunter for an Anglo-Saxon agency. It was a revelation to him!

Nothing in his background destined him for a headhunter career. He first graduated from the ESIEE and then from the ESCP with a Master Degree in Organization. He joined Accenture with conviction and enthusiasm. He loved his job as a consultant and carried out many diverse missions with his clients during 5 fulfilling years.

Yet a simple phone call will definitely change his life. Since 2005, Pascal worked as a headhunter in an Anglo-Saxon firm. Life was good! But in order for happiness to be total, Pascal joins forces with Nathalie and they decide to fly with their own wings. This is how NC Partners was born at the end of 2009.

More than a decade later, what assessments would Pascal draw from this entrepreneurial adventure? Much satisfaction, fueled by some resounding successes! And also disappointments, because things don’t always go as planned and we can always do better or differently. But the main thing is still intact: the pleasure of serving clients and meeting amazing people. And there is one certainty: the best is yet to come.

Christelle Domenget

Recruiting Manager
She first worked with NC Partners as a client and then as a collaborator.

After studying Human Resources, it was only natural that Christelle joined the recruiting team of a prestigious strategy consulting firm.

To maximize the chances of attracting talents, she worked closely with a few headhunters and that’s when she met NC Partners and Pascal. They got along well… very well even. The collaboration was fruitful. But Christelle left Paris and departed for three years to South-East Asia. The experience was formative, rich and beautiful.

Her return to France is a boon for NC Partners. Nathalie & Pascal immediately recruit her. And now it’s all NC Partners who benefit from it.

They trust us